Mechanism for recovery and resilience (Optimisation of the carpentry workshop) at Robeta d.o.o.

Robeta started a major project to optimise its Carpentry Workshop in April 2022, which was successfully completed in November this year - 2023. This action focuses on supporting investments aimed at increasing productivity, competitiveness, resilience and decarbonisation of the economy. The objective is also to preserve and create jobs within the Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth pillar, in particular in the components of productivity gains and an investor-friendly business environment. The funding for this investment is provided by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through a recovery and resilience mechanism called NextGenerationEU. The new equipment is more energy and material efficient and will contribute to sustainable development by reducing the consumption of water and other raw materials. We have successfully installed 3 new machines in our joinery workshop: two CNC machines, a edger and a ventilation system. The main advantages include wider and more precise cutting of the panels by the CNC machine, higher volume cutting capacities, faster production, greater dust extraction capability, precise machine edge gluing on curved surfaces and significant material savings. The technology introduced belongs to Industry 4.0, with the best and most technically sophisticated machines on the market. Emission and risk control will be improved as the new extraction plant allows a higher percentage of dust and waste to be recycled. The use of more precise CNC blades reduces the amount of dust generated, leading to a greater ability to recycle waste. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The total investment amount is EUR 711,342, with the project being granted co-financing of EUR 284,537 under the Public Call for the Promotion of Large Investments for Greater Productivity and Competitiveness in the Republic of Slovenia. This support will enable us to better implement our planned activities and accelerate the achievement of our set goals. More about the financing you can find here: You can find more information about financial assistance here: Links: The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union NextGenerationEU.

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