Robeta Schumacher Edition

A motorhome that is more than just a companion on trips and long journeys. A vehicle that, with its innovative and modern interior, is reminiscent of prestigious yachts. All this describes our new Robete model, which was created in mutual cooperation with the former F1 star – Ralf Schummacher.

“Robeta Schumacher Edition” became the first luxury vehicle in the motorhome category. The project, which lasted more than two years, is the result of making compromises, following Schumacher’s wishes, and finding the best solutions on the market. Every little detail and little thing inside the vehicle is finished to perfection and provides comfort that is comparable to hotel rooms. The overall appearance, equipment, and furniture are on a completely different level than what we know from average motorhomes.

During the creation and design of the motorhome, we followed the guidelines from the nautical segment of prestigious yachts and added the latest and most powerful electronics.

Vehicle interior

The interior of the vehicle is a perfect blend of innovation and incredible development advances. We devoted the most time to the selection of materials, because at Robeta, quality always comes first. The entire vehicle is a reflection of cooperation, consideration of wishes and at the same time awareness of the limits of the impossible.

The bed

In the vehicle, you will not find a classic bed, but a lift-up bed that adapts to the roof of the Mercedes over the middle part of the vehicle. Its special feature is that it is the only series-produced bed that moves electrically vertically and extends electrically horizontally to the desired dimensions of length 200 cm and width 160 cm. In addition, the bed is also "floating," which means that it is attached to the ceiling structure of the vehicle only with four point steel cables without additional guides or supports.

The kitchen

The kitchen is full of hidden corners, drawers and storage surfaces that allow storage and preparation for every occasion. In it, you will not only find a modern induction stove, but also a dishwasher and a wine refrigerator.


Despite the limited space, the bathroom is surprisingly large. It stands out with its practicality and luxurious touch. It has a private shower with a glass partition, a black sink, a ceramic toilet and a large illuminated mirror.


Amongst The Elite

In addition to high-quality materials, prestigious furniture and the latest innovative solutions, you will also find quite a few outstanding accessories in the vehicle, which raise the travel experience to a higher level.

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