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March 24, 2023 Slovenj Gradec - The Slovenian company Robeta enriched its brand with a new graphic image. Steady sales growth and market expansion forced the company to change, and a new marketing team turned wishes into reality. Shortly after its unveiling, the bird logo ensured that the company began to be talked about far and wide with a new tone – elegance and prestige. The change proved to be effective, and it mainly influenced the brand's repositioning in the campervan vehicle segment.

Steep growth in demand and interest in motorhomes and campervans are "to blame" for the manufacturers of touring vehicles increasingly fighting for their place in the market. Competitive advantages and good positioning are key virtues that a company must have for successful growth and breakthrough among the top brands - in an increasingly saturated market. The Robeta company quickly realized this and went on the hunt to find competitive advantages, outstanding elements of the offer and advantages that others do not have. They soon realized that their position on the international market is already well established, recognition is growing, and the vehicles achieve top quality - what is missing? After a weighty analysis and internal research, which was also carried out with external partners, the conclusion fell flat. The external image, communication and marketing strategy do not reflect what Robeta is becoming. The company's rapid growth and favorable market conditions have completely obscured the need for a marketing team, strategy and tracking, and all of a sudden they can't continue without it. The management made a decision and they put together a new marketing team, whose management was taken over by Mr. Kristijan Oprešnik, who immediately rolled up his sleeves. He had a vision, but it was unrealizable without the main ingredient - a new look for the brand. "My arrival at the company was a chain of coincidences, but I knew the business and the story of the company from before. I got the greatest inspiration and motivation when I researched the market and found out what potential Robeta has and what it can become. Without the constant support of the management, this journey would probably have been more difficult, fortunately, I always had the feeling that we all wanted to take a step forward. I put together a team of external colleagues, and we also strengthened the internal team. We have successfully achieved the first step - the brand has a new image, but now we still have a lot of work ahead of us, which I am really looking forward to," says Mr. with a laugh. Kristijan Oprešnik, who believes that the company still has a lot of opportunities. The new strategy also includes active digitization and collaboration with influencers, as they must follow trends and rapidly developing digital media technology.

The task was difficult, as a complete "re-branding" of a brand can be critical on several levels. The fear was mainly caused by the thought that people will not accept the new image and how they will regain recognition with the new logo. A lot of effort has gone into building and raising brand awareness, but now this company could be destroyed in one step. They decided that they needed professional outside help that would understand their reservations and concerns. Their wishes were heard by the creative and artistic director Mr. Rok Kordin, who with extensive experience knew exactly what the brand needed.

The new image is strongly connected to the fundamental values ​​of the Robeta brand. Before designing, I got to know the team and the mission that brings them together. In the design process, it is extremely important for me to get to know the product and the people who make it well enough, so that I can capture their authentic essence in a visual image. I transformed the letter R into the image of a bird, because it embodies the company's mission to help the modern man, with the help of carefully planned traveling homes, to capture the feeling of freedom every time, without having to give up the feeling of being at home. The bird symbol also draws parallels between the hollow, ultra-light but at the same time extremely strong skeleton and the Robeta Air furniture, which boasts the same features. My desire and goal was to embody everything that Robeta and the exceptional team already are in a new graphic image. I am very satisfied with the result and cooperation,'' adds Mr. Kordin. The new design already adorns their motorhomes and the entire image of the company and employees. Modern design and progress in the company's mentality is also evident in the new models of campervans, which the designer Mr. Luka Zajc, a long-time partner of the company.

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The company Robeta d.o.o. We are a young, motivated team that wants to offer our customers something more - a vehicle of our own Robeta Mobil brand, made according to the wishes and taste of our customers. We approach the conversion precisely and professionally, but above all we want to leave the stamp of hand-made in the vehicle, the advantages of which are visible in the installation work, the work of the upholsterer and in the production of furniture. We are flexible with regard to additional installation of windows, different bed layouts, etc. In the production facilities, where the conversion takes place, we are ready to show the production process to all buyers who show interest in a Robeta Mobil vehicle, and invite them to see the vehicles being converted.