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LENGHT5,99m HEIGHT2,55m 2,58m SEATS4 SLEEP2 (150 x 187 cm)

With its length of 5.99 m, it is not only an agile vehicle, but also very spacious. Only a handful of vans shorter than 6 m can offer a 1.78 m wide and 1.87 m long bed, which gives you a comfortable place to read, daydream and relax.
Helios also offers plenty of space for storage, storage and tidying up. Based on the individual preferences of customized accessories, it is a truly versatile family vehicle and your ideal choice.


At Robeta, the customer is always in charge, as he can decide for himself whether he wants to upgrade to the bouncy Frenchman - Citroen Jumper or the temperamental Italian - Fiat Ducato. In addition, the customer has the option of choosing between different exterior colors and color combinations of furniture and upholstery. For an exclusive look and for those who want to upgrade the interior, a set of genuine leather upholstery is also available. Already in the standard version, the buyer can choose between four different graphic exterior paintings of the motor home.

The ART line

The ART line impresses with its beautiful details and luxurious appearance. It boasts plenty of storage surfaces, drawers, and usable space. Innovative solutions in the field of usability, spaciousness, and manufacturing quality complete its sophisticated impression. More about our Art line can be found in our Catalogue.

The STYLE line

The STYLE line impresses with its clean, modern design, characterized by straight lines, slanted fronts on the hanging cabinets (without “push locks”), and a hidden system for closing and opening the cabinets. Usability is ensured by huge drawers and large storage areas. The additional colors of the combination show a fresh style, which can be seen on the upholstery and furniture. In the Style line, in contrast to the Art line, the kitchen element is designed in the sense of allowing each customer the possibility for individual internal adjustment of two large pull-out drawers. More about our Style line can be found in our Catalogue.

Robeta Interior desing

The interior of the vehicle is a perfect blend of innovation and incredible development advancements. We devoted the most time to the selection of materials because, at Robeta, quality always comes first. The entire vehicle is a reflection of cooperation, consideration of wishes, and at the same time awareness of the limits of the impossible.Each customer can choose from 6 different interiors. Each interior includes the upholstery of the seats, the ceiling and walls of the vehicle, the colour of the furniture and the colour of the floor. You can find out more about the options themselves in the catalogue below.

Intrerior view
Exterior view


While a bathroom in a campervan may not be as spacious or luxurious as a bathroom in a traditional home, it can still be a comfortable and functional space. With careful planning and design, we can create one that meets your needs and helps you feel at home on the road.

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